3 First Date Tips For Guys

Being able to meet lots of women and arrange dates is one thing, but it’s also very important to know what you’re doing and to be good on dates so that you are able to take the relationship to the next level, as long as you want to of course. For this you need to know a few first date tips to enable you to be truly comfortable in the dating situation. Follow the tips below:

  1. Girls love leaders! If you don’t lead on your date then the chances are that you are not going to make it to date two. It really is very important for you to be a man and to be the leader. This really shouldn’t be very hard anyway since most women are very submissive naturally. This makes things easy for you to take charge of the date. The best and easiest way for you to take charge is to have a plan in your head and go from there. You should also have a backup plan just in case of any contingencies. I always suggest you research your date before hand, check opening times, prices and any other terms and conditions to make sure everything goes according to plan.
  2. You should make a list of things you really want in a woman. This way the girls looks won’t play as much of a part as they normally do. This gives you more control of the situation. Trust me, all girls have lists and guys must conform to these lists to have a chance with her. If you have a list then you give yourself a great advantage over other guys. If you like spontaneous girls for example then you should ask her on your date if she is spontaneous. If she says no then you can pretend to be disappointed. This will make her chase you, trust me! If she says that she is spontaneous then you can ask her what spontaneous thing she has done in the last few months. This will force her to think hard and work for you. This will increase her attraction towards you, it really is very important.
  3. Work on your body language and voice projection to make yourself appear more confident and relaxed. Girls love these qualities in men and so you should strive to have them. Lean back in your seat, spread yourself out a little and place your arm over the chair next to you. You should also try and alternate voice pitch to make yourself sound a little more interesting.